Избягайте за миг на място, където времето се движи бавно, където природата Ви заобикаля и където се предлагат истински спа услуги използвайки най-добрите естествени и модерни технологии. СПА центърът на Св. Георги Ски§Холидей хотел е мястото, където цялата енергия е насочена към грижата за благосъстоянието на Вашето тяло, връщайки красотата и хармонията на вътрешния Ви свят. Затворете очи, отпуснете се, забравете за забързаното ежедневие и се потопете в релаксираща атмосфера и безвремие с нашите специално подбрани СПА терапии.



Heated indoor salt pool 30-32 degrees with electrolysis. The pool does not use chemicals, but an electrolysis system that processes natural salt. The process is natural and as a result there is no chemical odor. The concentration of salt in water is similar to that of a human tear. It does not irritate the eyes, and salt water makes the skin much softer and smoother.

The pool has opening glass windows with stunning views of the beautiful Pirin Mountains.


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Light sauna in combination with various essential oils. The temperature is in the range of 50-60 ° C. The relative humidity is 30 - 40%, but can reach over 50%. Under the action of hot air and steam passing through them, the bioactive substances contained in the plants are released and saturate the air in the sauna. Aroma sauna has an extremely beneficial effect on the respiratory system, skin and hair.

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Thanks to the salt wall in the sauna, a therapeutic microclimate is created, similar to that in salt caves, pine forests or the sea shore. The air is rich in trace elements, 80% of which are contained in the blood plasma of the human body.

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A room with an air temperature of 70 to 100 degrees, but with low humidity. Humidity is regulated by water, which is poured on the stones and creates steam. For centuries, in some nations, the sauna has been a place for rest and relaxation. It is known for its positive properties on the human body and is a natural way to improve the immune system, tone and vitality of the body.

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It emits heat of about 45 ° C at humidity close to 100%. It is an excellent way to detoxify (cleanse the body of harmful substances). At the same time it provides anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hydrating effect. Improves blood circulation and cleanses the airways.

The distinguishing feature of other heating baths is the hot stone of polished granite, marble or a combination of mosaic and ceramic. The hammam is the heir of the ancient Roman baths and the ancestor of the steam bath in Europe, but with several additives - foam, massage, peeling and fragrances.

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The relaxation area is located next to the thermal area. It has warming ergonomic stone beds and sun loungers in a pleasant atmosphere.


Creating a suction cup effect with rubber cups, allowing a combination of electrotherapy of low and medium frequency currents and vacuum tissue massage. It has a stimulating, revolving and reflexive effect.

Creating a suction cup effect with rubber cups, allowing a combination of electrotherapy of low and medium frequency currents and vacuum tissue massage. It has a stimulating, revolving and reflexive effect.

With the help of cuffs in the form of boots, sleeves or a belt by filling with air, pressure therapy is performed on the limbs or waist. It has anti-edema, revulsive and biostimulating effect.

Tangential bath with light effect. Bath with mineral or artificially mineralized water in which the body is massaged under pressure from a pump. It has a tonic, anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect.

Ultrasound massage of the tissues is performed with the help of an ultrasonic wave emitter, as well as ultraphonophoresis of various medicines in the form of ointment or gel. It has anti-inflammatory, dispersing and analgesic effects.

An exceptional variety of massages that will not only soothe and relax you from the busy everyday life, but will also help you overcome some problem areas.

Massages support the processes of detoxification, recovery and refreshment, as well as provide complete relaxation and rest.